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Новое - это хорошо забытое старое.

Это римский складной армейский нож.
Лезвие самого ножа было стальным (вот оно и заржавело и сгнило), а остальное сделано из серебра.
Ножу почти 1800 лет.
Вот так то.
t is thought the spatula would have offered a means of poking cooking sauce out of narrow-necked bottles.

The 3in x 6in (8cm x 15cm) knife was excavated from the Mediterranean area more than 20 years ago and was obtained by the museum in 1991.

The unique item is among dozens of artefacts exhibited in a newly refurbished Greek and Roman antiquities gallery at the Fitzwilliam Museum, in Cambridge.

Experts believe it may have been carried by a wealthy traveller, who will have had the item custom made.

A spokesman said: 'This was probably made between AD 200 and AD 300, when the Roman empire was a great imperial power.

The knife is on display at the Greek and Roman antiquities gallery at Cambridge's Fitzwilliam Museum

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